Jezebel published an exclusive set of photos from a New Mexico woman who claims that actor Cuba Gooding Jr. spent an evening at Maloney’s Tavern in Albuquerque groping and harassing her and her friends. Judging by the claims of these women and some of the photo evidence, he was definitely having a “rough night” — these woman say that he was punching folks, grabbing butts and breasts, and pinching and twisting women’s nipples. A woman named Sara told the site:

At about midnight on March 1st, Cuba Gooding Jr. waltzed into the bar we were at and proceeded to sexually harass a number of the [women there] and assault (punch) a [man] for attempting to take a picture of Cuba receiving a lap dance. […] The sexual harassment occurred when women would be taking pictures with him; he would grab butt cheeks during the picture taking and when women reacted negatively to that, he would proceed to either touch women’s breasts or tell them that he “loved them”…I have pictures of him reaching to grope my breast as well as pictures of my friend jumping on his back in anger after he twisted her nipples.”

I’m not sure what jumping on his back to punish him for nipple-twisting was intended to accomplish, or if these photos really show misconduct, but a second and third woman also tell Jezebel that Cuba Gooding Jr spent the night groping them and making lewd comments about having sex. According to his publicist, the actor has not been available to comment on the incident because he is filming, but…um…Cuba, what’s really going on?

What do you think happened here?

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