The 2012 South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival Jury and Audience Award-winners were announced yesterday and Gimme The Loot, the first feature film from director Adam Leon, won the Grand Jury prize in the Narrative Feature competition. Although Leon is white, the film has a predominately black cast and tells and urban story, making this win unique for the cutting-edge SXSW festival. The synopsis:

Malcolm and Sofia, two determined teens from the Bronx, are the ultimate graffiti-writers. When a rival gang buffs their latest masterpiece, they must hatch a plan to get revenge by tagging an iconic NYC landmark, but they need to raise $500 to pull off their spectacular scheme. Over the course of two whirlwind, sun-soaked summer days, Malcolm and Sofia travel on an epic urban adventure involving black market spray cans, illicit bodegas, stolen sneakers, a high wire heist, and a beautiful, rich girl’s necklace that is literally their key to becoming the biggest writers in the City.

Take a look at the trailer below:

What do you think of this trailer and this film’s recent success? Are stories of black America heading in the right direction?

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  • ummmmm…woow! Eh, I just read what it is about, and was very much uninspired to actually watch it. It is a simpleton story! That’s why I am an advocate to FUBU-for us by us stories….What in the world?! No thanks.

  • omfg

    i’m better off watching one of those youtube series like awkward black girl…

  • DirtyChai

    Sounds like an Ice Cube/Queen Latifah project. Is Mike Epps in it?

  • ok…

    No offense but exactly why did this win an award? It looks ok if you are targeting certain urban high schoolers….but how did it win at sxsw….also why are those kids worried about tagging instead of college applications or getting into a trade school.

  • No

    Of course the “beautiful girl” is white. Couldn’t possibly describe the black girl that is the kead as beautiful. But at least “we” got a film…about living in the ghetto.