Black folks are a global people, but in spite of traveling around the globe, we rarely hear about African Americans living and working in Africa. Because of this, producers Stafford and Judy Bailey decided to hit the road and document how many black Americans travel, and in many cases move, to Africa in order to live the “American Dream.”

What the Baileys created was the groundbreaking documentary Blacks Without Borders that told “an emotional story of hardship, sacrifice and great rewards” about “a group of African Americans who went to South Africa to find the American dream, only to discover that America is not the only land of opportunity.”

After the documentary received raved reviews–and aired on Showtime–the Baileys knew they needed to keep telling more stories about black folks living abroad and fulfilling their dreams. Last month they embarked on a fundraising campaign to turn Blacks Without Borders into a series and need support to make it happen.

Check out the Blacks Without Borders website to learn more about the project, buy the DVD, or contribute to the cause. 

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