Last week we told you the Obama reelection campaign was releasing a 17-minute documentary about the challenges President Obama faced during the first three years of his presidency, and now it’s here.

Yesterday, the campaign released the full documentary, which was directed by Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim and narrated by Oscar winner Tom Hanks. And as usual, it has people talking.

Check out the film, ‘The Road We’ve Traveled,” and let us know what you think!


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  • Mary White

    Awesome video. Don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t be more than satisfied with his job performance as President. Regardless of the outcome of the next election (and I predict an Obama win), history is going to treat this President with the dignity, admiration, and respect that he fails to get from some naysayers these days. All I can say to them is: BUBBLE!

  • i listened to the crying and the tears and sadness daily from people that were hurtin when P. Obama first took office and before. things r gettin better, even my daughter has gotten a job. not as many hours as before but she’s not moping around the house lookin like death was taking over anymore. this man hasn’t had an easy time of it with all the rightwing party callin him a liar, commy, etc. its a disgrace that we treat anyone the way some have treated our prez. yea, he’s doing his job. the right get a mike and lie as if he isnt. they dont want the “poor” helped. this kinda crap has been goin on, i know, since i started voting in the 70’s. and it hasnt improved. if we work together instead of destroying our country because of selfishness and greed, we would be in a better place. i knew he would have a hard time, but darn, this requiring him to have everything already done NOW aint happenin. i am voting 4 him in November and if a lot of you that aint got nuthin but your pride, i hope you do the same. we live in a different world than 1950 but the right dont see it that way. grow up!!!!!!!!!!

  • eh, Obama is a politician not a Savior! He is going to disappoint at certain points in time, and others going to hype you into thinking he is the second coming of the Messiah. The truth in politics lies in the in betweens of great rhetoric….

    I’m voting for him coz he a cutie pie! and his wife is inspirational.

  • Kristian

    I do not understand why people are demeaning my president, he’s done SO MUCH these past four GOSH DARN years! Either your dumb! Or your just plain INSANE, Either that, or (you might be racist) I’m 17 and voting in my first election this year. No, I’m not voting for Barack Obama because he’s black or because I adore and somewhat idolize his AMAZING wife, but, because for the first time, my mother is no longer worried, Oh yeah, and those student loans and SAY YES to Education? Is definitely changing my life. I thank God for my president.

    • @ Kristian,

      Great that you feel that he has necessitated changes. But how about those who do not feel the same way as you and want out?! They are stupid, insane or racist for feeling the way they do….I ignored your statement, based on the fact that you are only 17, otherwise….people do have genuine concerns that go beyond him being an awesome president-which by the way he is-BUT still.