1991 Speech by Barack ObamaIn his last year at Harvard University, Barack Obama–then president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review–threw his support and allegiance behind Harvard law professor Derrick Bell.

Bell, who was Harvard’s first black tenured professor, staged a dramatic protest calling for more diversity of the university’s faculty. At the time, Harvard’s law school only had three black and five female professors, and Bell demanded more. The professor, known for his critical race theory, famously told Harvard that he would go on strike and take a leave of absence if the school didn’t add more women and professors of color to its ranks.

Recently, Buzzfeed obtained footage from a 1991 rally to support Dr. Bell’s efforts. In it, Barack Obama gives an impassioned intro for the beloved professor. Sounding a lot like the Barack Obama of today, the future President was able to inspire, unite, and once again support a progressive cause.

Check it out.

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  • Bad ass and Kick ass even in the 90’s. Charisma and character never go out of style.

    the Super Sistah

  • _ima try this one more time, for some reason my comment will not post–
    Hey! I just found out last night that I got accepted to Harvard Grad School!!

    I know this has nothing to do with this article, but I am on this site more often than I am on Facebook and Twitter (yes, it is that serious for me), so I figured I would share this with my fellow commenters here.

    And…Obama is giving the commencement speech at my alma mater, Barnard College/Columbia University, this year! I feel doubly special! (Although a tad jealous…wondering who i can bribe to get tickets to this momentous occasion, lol)

    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2


    • Congrats Grace!


    • Dalili

      Awesome, congratulations!

    • girlformerlyknownasgrace

      Thanks guys!!!!

    • edub

      whoot, whoot! Which school are you in? I’m currently at harvard and would be more than willing to talk with you about the ins and outs of the school. I see you have blog. Respond here and I can send you my contact information.

      Congratulations! The Harvard community is amazing.

    • girlformerlyknownasgrace

      Hi edub!

      I got accepted to the Harvard School of Education, where I will be pursuing an M.Ed. You can comment on one of my blog posts and I will see it there, or leave a message with my gmail address provided on my blog.

    • edub

      Incredible! The ed school is absolutely amazing! Will do! Congratulations and I will email you shortly.

  • MIkela123

    Wow, this video is the most damaging thing against Obama the republicans can come up with? Haha they are so desperate, its too sad.

  • Mae

    I must say I loves me some hims. Obama has not changed one bit. The GOP is trying real hard to paint the late great Professor Bell as a radical extremist. But who isn’t radical when dealing with systematic racism and injustice? You have to be radical in order to affect some change. Eff what they told you. MLK was a radical too. It’s only sheep that allow themselves to be led to slaughter.