I know, I know…not another lecture aimed at black women about how to escape the perilous desperation of being single.

But in spite of its women-centered title, the documentary Where Is He Already? looks like one of the more balanced and sensible investigations of how to approach love and relationships finding love (at least judging by its trailer). Relationship and Life Coach Tony Gaskins directed the documentary, which consists of discussion panels and one-on-one interviews, to “bridge the gap between the sexes and bring clarity to some of the cloudiest issues we face in dating and relationships.” Check out the trailer below.

Just for reference, the man breaking down the importance of courting in the discussion group towards the end is director Tony Gaskins, and as suspicious as I tend to be of self-proclaimed “experts” on life and love the brother was making a lot of sense there.

Where Is He Already? does not yet have a release date.

hat tip Shadow and Act

What do you think of this trailer? Are you interested in seeing this one?

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  • lynette

    Hmmm…well I’m not mad at the hustle because I do a little bit of date coaching with friends and family myself…and like the other posters have said…I think we do need to relax a bit…but with that being said I think the big elephant in the room will ALWAYS be the fact that there are just not enough quality black men who want to commit to quality black women…*sigh*…these relationship discussions are meaningless without black men interested in dealing with their own demons…I find lots of black women who attend these workshops and forums and only a handful of black men..and that is the problem….kinda’ like preaching to the choir…*sigh*