It’s been over a week since 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was murdered outside of his father’s Sanford, Florida home, but his family is still looking for answers.

According to his father and stepmother, the teen was visiting from Miami when he walked to the store. Upon returning to their gated community he was confronted by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch leader, and ended up shot to death just steps from his father’s home.

Police officials say Zimmerman turned himself in after the incident, but have yet to charge him in the teen’s death. They claim they are still investigating the slaying, but Trayvon’s family wants answers.

Man shot and killed in neighborhood altercation: MyFoxORLANDO.com

“My son left Sanford, Florida in a body bag George Zimmerman went home to sleep in his own bed. Its senseless and the police in Sanford Florida isn’t giving any answers,” Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin told the local Fox News affiliate.

The Martins have hired Ben Crump, an attorney, and are pressuring Sanford police to release the 911 tapes that may lead to more answers.

“We are here to demand that the state attorney charge this home owner’s association loose cannon with murder,” said Crump. “We all deserve answers. The police department simply has to release those 911 tapes so we won’t have to speculate further.”

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