There are so may projects on the independent fundraising site Kickstarter that are worthy of our financial support, but only once in a while does the trailer for one address an art form that you don’t see much of along with the stories of the often-ignored black men who practice it.

Flex Is Kings is about the form of street dance called “flexing,” a sort Vogue-ish, pop-lock-y, slow wine and drama-based form of dance with a gritty edge. You may have seen the Jamaican dancehall inspired dance form on America’s Best Dance Crew or heard it referred to as “bone-breaking.” Flex Is Kings shows both the unique nature of flexing and chronicles the everyday lives and inner aspirations of a handful of flex dancers. Watch:

The project is still in development, so if you liked what you saw learn more about it here and consider supporting its completion.

What do you think of this trailer? Would you see this film?

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