Very few of us just roll out the bed and throw any old thing on, especially if we’re heading to work or a social event. We spend a lot of time picking out what to wear because we want to make a fashion statement, but are you aware of the other statements you might be making with your clothes and how you wear them?

In a new book out tomorrow, “You Are What You Wear,” clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner talks about the message every detail of our style—like cleavage sends to onlookers—and it’s not necessarily that you’re easy.

“Our dress behaviors, shopping, assembling and organizing, these are behaviors once discounted as ‘fluff.’ But I saw it as an untapped area in psychology that I wanted to explore,” she told The NY Post.

“When you’re stuck in your wardrobe, usually, there’s something deeper. If you understand behavior that way, you can really see what’s going on by how a person presents herself to the world.”

So what specifically is behind the wardrobe choices we make? Here’s the rundown from head to toe.

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