I have a fear that one day a business that I’ve pumped a considerable amount of money into will flat line and send me back to 9-to-5 hell. As a full-time entrepreneur, I face this fear every day, juggling various freelance jobs to bring in multiple income streams, while recognizing that really and truly I want to do one thing: write and talk about sexuality.

It’s the only thing that truly makes me warm inside (pun intended) and that I rarely complain about doing. It’s the only time that stress can be accompanied by a good laugh because when you love writing and talking about sex as much as I do, you pinch yourself almost every day and ask, “Is this real? Am I really getting paid to do this?”

But of course, it’s not all easy, as I personally feel like I’m approaching the battlefield in terms of really elevating my career and pursuing this one passion. I’m reaching the point that I’m tired of juggling side hustles to supplement my passion income, whether it’s consulting or finding odd freelance jobs that have nothing to do with my interests. I certainly don’t curse these opportunities, and I accept the money so I can pump it into my passion endeavors. But it’s tiring, it’s become like a crutch, and I’m realizing that the most successful people who love what they do eventually have to make a decision.

Focus on your passion and give it the attention to soar.

Or choose to be mediocre at many things and watch it your success plateau.

I choose excellence.

This decision requires me to face my nightmare head on, and flick the middle finger to this fear of failure that’s kept me hostage. It requires me to figure out how to make more money focusing on the one thing that makes me the happiest instead of settling for making mediocre money doing the things that bring occasional smiles and simply keep me breathing.

I recognize that surviving, as a full-time entrepreneur, is an accomplishment in itself, passion-focused or not. But my standards run deeper as surviving is not enough, and to catalyze my work ethic, I have to tap my passion.

So I’m making a choice and a plan to fade out all of the things that I don’t really “want” to do and to make my passion career a priority. Failure is only failure when you allow it to be a permanent state, and I’ve learned over the years how to be an obstacle hurdler. I rarely stop running a race.

I’ve met so many women and men trying to make it in the entrepreneurial game, ready to leave their boring jobs, and/or find a career that makes them happy. But what’s set the people who made the leap and soared apart from those who fell and stayed down, is fearlessness. Very few people are willing to find the tipping point of their courage, and put their happiness as a first priority over paid misery. But for me, it’s not a question of taking the leap. It’s always just been a matter of when. And contrary to what most assume, pursuing your passion isn’t a synonym for pursuing brokenness. It’s simply a journey, at times it requires a rough transition but eventually it can manifest into something great. When you’re passionate, you’re willing to put the work in and can pull from an endless pool of creativity. You know no exhaustion. You just know hustle. And your passion will always carry you even when your feet get weak.

So what do you choose?

Are you stuck in a job you hate? Trying to start a business? And/or afraid of failing at just doing what you love? Share your story!

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