I’ve been on some bad dates, but knowing that someone out there has been on a way worse one makes me feel a little better about my past missteps.

From The Daily Mail:

I got all this love and grape soda for you, girl.

An 18-year-old Florida girl thought that she had met a cute Italian hunk at a party.

She was thrilled when he asked her out on a lunch date to the local Applebees.

She was significantly less thrilled when it turned out that his friend was robbing her house of over $5,000 worth of electronics while they were on their less-than-stellar date…

She said the young man had told her that his name was Florenciano Valentino and that he had just moved from New York to Coral Springs, Florida two months ago.

Throughout the date, Valentino was constantly using the girl’s iPhone to talk to his friend while he robbed her of a big-screen television, an iPad, and a computer.

To finish off an already-lousy date, the young man ditched her not only to pay the bill but having stolen her iPhone as well.

Florenciano Valentino? Somebody’s been watching to much Jersey Shore.

I don’t want to put the blame on this young näive girl because nobody should have to go through this kind of thing, but I’m sure as you read this story you caught a few glaring red flags. He took her to Applebees? He wanted to use her phone while they were on the date? And then he somehow got her to leave her phone at the table while she got up after they ate, which is the perfect time to bounce on the bill? I hope she learned a valuable lesson!


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