After photos of Bobbi Kristina kissing her longtime friend and apparent God brother, Nick Gordon, surfaced some accused the teen of having an inappropriate relationship. While I’m not judging her choices–the child has been through it!–hearing folks (and allegedly her grandmother) criticizing her for her relationship with her God brother (GB) got me to thinking…

Would I ever do it?

I have a few God brothers, and although we aren’t especially close (and are of varying ages), I wouldn’t necessarily rule them out from my dating prospects if I found them suitable.

But of course, it all depends.

If we were raised together as brother/sister, as Nick and Bobbi allegedly were, and our relationship was super-duper close, then perhaps I would feel some type of way about hooking up with my GB, but aside from that, I don’t see a downside. Your families already get along, you already know his history and who he really is, and you don’t have to introduce him to your representative until you feel comfortable enough to allow him to see the real you.

But could you do it, Clutchettes and Gents?

Could you date you God brother/sister? Speak on it! 

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