I can’t be the only one who remembers that year that Juicy Couture tracksuits reigned supreme!!! They came in every color (I had black and lime green – eek!) and texture under the sun; the velour was poppin in the winter, and you had to know terry cloth was getting us through those warm summer months. There were even the embellished varieties. Granted, I was only in the ninth grade, but there were certainly a couple of my faster peers walking through the halls with rhinestone “Juicy” insignia stretched across their underage cheeks. [shakes head]

Well, the brand is still around and doing loungewear like only they know how. The latest style??? Leather. The new Leather Track Pant retails for a not so shabby $498. These aren’t your boyfriends old, faded, drawstring Champion sweats, after all. According to Juicy: “The track pant grows up and gets some downtown edge in leather. With silk and heels, this look is just killer on a night out. Drawstring waist. Banded cuffs.”

Would You Rock ‘ Em?

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  • Rob

    Dreadful. And did you say not so shabby $498??

    Let me check again.


    Everyone is going crazy. Yeah, I’m convinced.

    • Coco and Creme

      Sarcasm, Rob. That price point is beyond disrespectful lol! Someone’s buying them, though. *shrugs*

      ~ Chelsea of C&C

    • Rob

      “Beyond disrespectful” Yes Gawd Chelsea. LOL! I usually pick up on sarcasm, but I really thought I had gone mad.

      Now lets have a moment of silence for the woman who dares…

  • omfg

    juicy couture is not known for their good taste. i wouldn’t buy anything from them.

  • LAD86

    Those are hideous.