I’m convinced some companies don’t have women OR minorities on their marketing teams because the offensive ads just keep coming.

Today, high-end vodka company Belvedere posted an ad to its Facebook page which depicted a man grabbing an unwilling woman from behind and the tagline, “Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly.”


Belvedere quickly pulled the ad after many chimed in on its Facebook and Twitter pages about its offensive nature, but the fact that it was made in the first place speaks volumes about the company.

Belvedere quickly issued a half-hearted apology, tweeting, “We apologize to any of our fans who were offended by our recent tweet. We continue to be an advocate of safe and responsible drinking.”

Oh…that’s SO much better, and by better I mean…are you kidding me?! But I do know one thing: I know what type of vodka not to buy next I’m ordering my gimlet.


Late this afternoon, I received an email from the folks over on Belvedere Vodka apologizing, again, for the offensive ad. This updated apology seems a bit more thought out.

Check it:

“I am Jason Lundy, SVP of Global Marketing for Belvedere.

Unfortunately a Facebook & Twitter posting was made today that has offended many of our fans and followers — and indeed the people who work here at Belvedere. The post is absolutely inconsistent with our values and beliefs and in addition to removing the offensive post we are committed to making sure that something like this doesn’t happen again.  As an expression of our deep disappointment and regret, we are making a charitable donation to a women’s support cause. We deeply apologize to our fans & followers.”

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