From WWMD — Attention, Attention! Please note the obvious, but-shoot-I’m-going-to-say-it-anyway: I’m ONLY talking about glorious D.I.L.Fs Shawn Corey Carter would man hug. Trashy McTrashies forever excluded!

Ah, now that we’ve got that out the way : ) I’ve been pitching Cece and Guerdley the idea of frolicking with someone else’s baby daddy for I think well over two years now. The trembly trepidation is always predictably the same: “I don’t knoooooooooow ’bout that one wild girl!” “Umm, nah.” But I can wholeheartedly say from my trazy world of dating that dudes rocking with those other kinds of bottles are not too shabby. In fact, also taking into the consideration my guy pals with little ones, I’m going to say they have qualities I rarely find in the average batch of condom connoisseurs. Yep, this is what I call #nearlyfact

Now I’m not saying to go on a big poppa hunt. However, if there is a hunko fellow who sorta kinda makes daydream about NSFKids thoughts and his highlighted “flaw” is/are his bouncing offspring… give that man a chance yo. Please note: I feel the blaze of some side-eyes and nope, it’s not appreciated! Howeverrr, I’ma hose ya skepticism down a bit because I get it. So peep my three big bullet points for your reconsideration. Thank me the fuhk now!


This may come from enduring baby mama drama, this may come from changing midnight diapers… perhaps. Whatever the case, if you throw Rihanna tantrums, have unresolved commitment complexes or are just insolvably insatiable, homedad’s built up a tolerance to handle ya ass 9+ months before your arrival. Play nice now.

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