Happy Anniversary!!! Today, Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrate fours years of being happily wed. Though they’re likely somewhere showering each other with lavish gifts, planning some exotic getaway, and playing with their bundle of joy, we still want to commemorate their special day.

Here are three reasons why we admire the Carter union:

*They Keep Their Relationship Private: As much as we wanna know about the Carter’s, their relationship is very private and has always been. There are very rarely and credible gossip headlines about them as a couple, and when we see them out they appear to be in great spirits and enjoying one another’s company. Granted, it took a while to even believe that they were in love as they’d barely hug in public. I feel like the closest we’ve seen them is on stage in a brief booty-rub during one of Bey’s “” numbers. But hey – we all know what is.

*They Match Each Other’s Hustle: Jay and Bey are the absolute epitome of a power couple! They see each other eye-to-eye when it comes to their ever growing careers and business ventures. This is not one of those (unfortunately) classic scenarios where the man is the bread winner and his spouse is simply a trophy who spends her time shopping, dining out, and traveling at his expense. Nope. Bey has always been a hustla (or “Nah, nah, nah, DIVA”… Whatever she wants to call it) and has topped Jay’s earnings multiple years in a row. It’s great to know that both individuals work hard and are able to constantly motivate and encourage one another to take that next step.

*They Look Good Together: C’mon, now! Look at the Carter family. Bey. Jigga. Baby Blue. They’re a picture of hip-hop and r&b royalty. Y’all can crack jokes about Jay’s nose all day long, but the truth is that man demands respect as soon as he enters a room. And he certainly cleans up nicely when the time calls for it. Blue has been out the womb (who’s womb, you ask? – the verdict’s still out) for a mere few months and already has your fave high-fashion designers sketching up custom baby shoes. I mean – hello? It’s always a Kodak moment when they hit the town.

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