Celebrities tend to abide by a different set of fashion rules than the rest of us but there are some things, like shaved legs (minus Mo’Nique) and non-protruding nipples that I thought were universal. Apparently in the world of Keri Hilson and Rihanna, that’s not the case.

Last week we saw a whole lot of Keri Hilson at the Hennessy Wild Rabbit launch in NYC, as she showed up to the event bra-less in a sheer color-block shirt. The whole look was on point, even somewhat sophisticated—except for the fact that the entire shape of her breasts, nipples included, were beaming through her shirt. It reminded me of her R&B/pop companion Rihanna who pranced around in a knit sweater last month that was completely sheer and netted in the front with no bra and then tried to act surprised that everybody could see her business. This is the same girl, after all, who wore a sheer black lace dress for New Year’s Eve and let everyone see her nipple rings. Coincidence? I think not.

The thing is, everyone has a nip slip now and then but these ladies are intentionally letting it all show. I refuse to believe that with all of the attention that’s paid to the other details of their style they would somehow let something so obvious slip by unnoticed. The ladies either think the look is hot or they’re trying to set a trend. Do we really want this to catch on? Breast-baring cleavage is one thing, cold-air induced nipples are another, yet totally showing off your bare breasts underneath the thinnest material you can find is in a whole different ballpark that is somewhere between the land of the fashionable and junk yard of the tacky.

Thankfully, these ladies have the bodies and the boobs to at least pull this look off in the physical sense but the overt, semi-nakedness sort of takes away from the fashion-forward trends they’re displaying. We end up focusing on are what’s showing through the clothes rather than the clothes themselves and that’s never a good move when you’re trying to make a fashion statement. Both ladies would be better off investing in nipple covers so they don’t have to ruin the look their going for with an obvious bra, but at least with their nipples hidden we won’t be distracted by something we don’t want to see in the first place. There’s a basic rule of life and fashion that would suit these ladies well to remember: not all attention is good attention.

What do you think? Are nipple-baring shirts fashionable or tacky?

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