A lot of girls love to play around with wigs; however most of us grow out of that stage by the time we’re adults, unless they’re a part of our regular hair routine. When it comes to colored wigs, those are usually reserved for Halloween and no other occasion.

Every now and then an outlier comes along and thinks rainbow colored hair pieces are an appropriate part of one’s everyday look, and we already saw that with Lil Kim back in the 90s—most marvelously done in her “Crush on You” video with Lil’ Cease. The outrageousness of that look led us to believe there couldn’t be another woman on this planet who would be caught dead rocking that same look, but low and behold Nicki Minaj appeared on the scene one-upping the Queen Bee a couple years ago which has us wondering, is she really making a fashion statement biting Kim’s style or is she simply still playing dress up?

Let’s just look at the facts: two hardcore black female rappers from New York who changed the game dramatically and both just happen to be in love with Roy G Biv wigs? Hmmm we’re starting to see why Kim’s a little upset. Granted several years have passed since the Notorious K.I.M was hitting the stage in an orange head piece with matching outfit, but she still pretty much put her stamp on that whole look. Nicki has managed to take the trend from costumey to stylish, having more girls than we can remember rocking the wide fluffy bang look with long locks—sometimes color to match— but even still it’s hard to separate her from Kim’s signature look.

Coming out in the age of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, it’s not surprising Nicki Minaj had to do a little something on the wild side to grab audience’s attention, especially since she’s competing with these ladies now in the pop space, but I don’t think we’re wrong in assuming she might have gotten just a tad bit of inspiration from Lil Kim—considering the raunchy clothes that usually go with the hair. We’re not really mad at Nicki for that, it’s obvious she’s as much of a character as Kim is. But she could’ve just given Kim her props a while back and they wouldn’t still be beefing over something as silly as who rocks the rainbow brite look the best right now.

Do you think Nicki’s really biting Kim’s style or doing her own thing?

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