It hit a blazing 86 degrees in New York City on Monday, and everyone was too excited to show off the goods they had covered up during the colder months. I am all for the bright colors and fitted outfits that come with the spring/summer, but ladies please dress to fit your size!

If you are a size 10 or 12, you shouldn’t be wearing a size 6 or 8 thinking that the smaller fit makes you look sexier. You can be sexy at any size because the sexiest thing you can have is confidence. You can always tell the women who truly love themselves from those who try too hard to appear to be sexy with the type of clothes they wear.

There are so many flattering outfits today for women of all sizes that there is really no excuse to step outside of your home looking a hot mess. When I say hot mess I’m not referring to any particular style, but simply the fit of the clothing. It is not attractive to have on jeans that you constantly have to pull up as you walk because if you don’t you are showing everyone your morning  glory. It’s even worse when you sit down and you have half of your butt cheeks exposed for the world to see. Once again, tight does not equal sexy nor flattering.

We don’t all have to be a size 2 or 4 to look good in clothing. Be confident in your own size. Embrace the body you have and wear clothes that flatter YOUR shape.

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