Not even Steve Madden could save Betsey Johnson from the inevitable. The eccentric clothing brand from the equally bizarre creator, Ms. Betsey Johnson, has filed for bankruptcy and now most of its boutiques will be closing.

News that Betsey’s boutiques are shutting down isn’t totally surprising considering the financial struggles the brand has been going through for some time but it’s still sad nonetheless. The good news is despite the closings and the 350 jobs that are estimated to be lost, the Betsey Johnson brand will remain. The company plans to use this time to focus on its lower-priced line of clothing and accessories that are sold at major retailers like Macy’s. Another bright spot in this news is that with her boutiques going out of business you can bet there will be huge markdowns on her usually expensive dresses and accessories which means this could be a great time to stock up!

Are you a fan of Betsey Johnson?

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