Since relaunching her website, Beyonce has slowly been allowing her fans inside her ultra-private life. Last week Bey launched a tumblr site, which included several pictures of the star with her family, on vacation, with her husband, and just being herself.

Recently, Beyonce wrote a letter singing the praises of First Lady Michelle Obama. Beyonce calls Mrs. Obama “a force” and “an empowered inspiration.”

Beyonce serenaded the Obamas during the President’s inauguration ball, and last year she teamed up with Mrs. Obama on the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign. But her love for Mrs. Obama doesn’t end there.  Beyonce and Jay-Z are ardent supporters of the President, and recently  attended a ritzy fundraiser supporting his reelection campaign.

Despite her support of Pres. Obama, it seems that since becoming a mother, Beyonce is connecting with the First Lady on another level. She praises Mrs. O for being a caring mom, a nurturer, and an example for little Blue Ivy.

Check out Beyonce’s letter to First Lady Michelle Obama and let us know what you think! 

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  • tiffany nced

    WOW! Who starts any letter or quick expression of ones happiness and begins with a lowercase letter. Really!! I am surprised that they posted this note, its a totaly embrasment to woman of color that think money and fame is worth more than a education or basic english. Let’s all hope that you educate your daughter to learn basic english and grammer so that when she’s ready to write a public letter its not an complete embrassment to you.

  • vinny

    Wow! Talk about hate! Yall have to realize Beyonce has millions of fans all over the world and im sure majority of them are average, did you guys ever think that since she was posting this letter that she wrote it in a way that was simple so that her fans from all walks of life and ages could enjoy it and comprehend what it was saying. Not to mention it was straight to the point and straight from the heart, I feel sorry for her because no matter what she does there is always negative people judging her every move.

  • “Bee”Sux

    God, what an idiot! If you are writing a letter to the First Lady of the United States, wouldn’t you think to use spellcheck and spell out the word “you?” So, she’s not only stupid, but she’s also lazy. Disgusting that someone this stupid has so much when there are highly-intelligent people all over the world who are starving to death. I’d sure like to redistribute her wealth to some of them– people who could potentially HELP and contribute to our society by doing something other than shaking their butts and putting out crappy songs that need to be auto-tuned. Plus, if she is so pro-Obama, why isn’t she giving all her money to taxes and charity like Obama is trying to force the rest of us to do? I’m SURE her accountant is doing some fancy footwork to keep her highness from paying her fair share.

  • luvig

    She’s a boss and EXTREMELY gifted and talented. However, written quickly or not ‘upto’ is not a word which she wrote at the end of the letter. It should have read ‘up to’.