Watch Brian McKnight zealously, and in his signature falsetto, sing a few bars of “Ready to Learn,” first, then let’s discuss it once we’ve all seen and heard what he’s going for lately. The language in the song is troublingly not safe for work.

NOT romantic. And before you decide that he must be joking, Brian took to Twitter last night to dismiss the haters and lick his wounds by removing the original copy of the video.
If you’re not with me in being shocked, amused, confused, thrown off, a little offended, and just grossed out, then please explain to me what is really going on with this song? Is it off-putting because McKnight is supposed to be a staple of r&b who seems to have turned into a Chappelle Show/Boondocks/SNL skit (“D**ck in a Box,” anyone?)? He can do all of the “adult” music he wants to, but must he claim that I’d know what to do with my…business if only I’d brought it to him first? As opposed to what must be last? Is he having a mid-life crisis or just trying to stay relevant in music? We are seeking answers!

What do you think of Brian McKnight’s new song?

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