“Cuz I’m black bitch” – Rihanna.

Say what you want about Rihanna’s questionable behavior, but one thing that can’t be denied is the girl is hot and she’s got a fierce and fearless sense of style.

The jury’s still out on whether Ri Ri’s new partially shaven, long black ‘do is fresh or a mess, but we’re loving the energy she’s giving us in her latest Instagram pics. From her Anna-Karin Karlsson “Kitten Noir” shades to her Rolling Stones punk rock rebel flare, it’s clear Rihanna’s willing to give almost any look a try at least once. She also shows us a more sophisticated Rihanna with a simple white button-up crop top and black straight-legs, not to mention baring it all for the world to see with nothing more than a bath robe and a smokey eye. We’re definitely inspired to step out of our fashion comfort zone!

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