On the heels of Think Like A Man’s successful opening at the box office, many are wondering if its success will open the door for another majority-black RomCom. And while many may be in the works here in the States, an interesting-looking British indie film needs a little help getting into theaters.

The Naked Poet is a new film about a man who finds it difficult sorting out matters of the heart and choosing between two women he loves.

Peep the description from Shadow & Act:

The Naked Poet is the story of a young poet called Lazarus, who explores the difficulty with matters of the heart. When faced with the painful and confusing decision between long term girlfriend Louise and new found love Simone.

Can a man be in love with two women? Can a heart be split in two? Are the sins of the father visited upon the children? These questions and many more are asked, argued and answered in this dramatic thought provoking real to life depiction of middle class urban life.

The Naked Poet was written and directed by Jason Barrett and produced by Harry’s Law star Aml Ameen.

In order for the film to be released in UK theaters the filmmakers need to gather 100,000 signatures, and The Naked Poet is asking for your support.

To learn more about the film or sign up to help The Naked Poet earn a theatrical release visit their website.

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  • Jinx Moneypenny

    That dude’s blond hair is killing me softly. I should be paying attention to everything else but I’m too distracted.

    • stellaxo

      lol! me too- that poster in the background! just an oversized red leather jacket away from being the next sisqo.
      … i didn’t pay attention either :/ the “thong song” was playing too loud in my head..
      i wish him the best though!!

  • Leonie UK

    Yeah another great Brit cast, I will be making sure to see this in every UK city and county.

  • Londoner

    Thanks for posting this Clutch. This is my friend Jason’s movie and we need as much support as possible to get a cinema release. Please sign the petition and share!!

  • I’m not feeling it one bit!!!!

  • It’s a shame when you really want to like something but just can’t for various reasons. I’m not feeling this at all…The acting is mediocre at best and the cast is full of washed up singers and a rapper from the 90s…there’s only one half decent actor (Aml Ameen) and by the looks of things he wasn’t really representing much in that clip.

    They say don’t judge a film by it’s trailer but the writer said it was a ‘romantic comedy’ but I failed to see any comedy..maybe I blinked and missed it, I dunno. I like that they steered away from the ‘gangster’ thing but as far as hooking me in as a potential audience, I think I’m gonna have to give this one a miss.


    • Bosslady

      Yeah, I was waiting for the “comedy” also. It wasn’t really calling me either, but I wish the project success….Everything isn’t for everybody. Ditto about the cast minus Aml Ameen.