We all know vegetarianism has its benefits—lowing our fat intake, improving our heart health, and eating healthier, less processed foods—but how many of us could make the switch and give up our burgers, chicken, and steaks for fruits, veggies, and whole grains full time?

Although we know what we should be doing, often times our taste buds just won’t let us be great. And while meat isn’t all bad and does offer serious health benefits, eating large quantities of fatty, processed meats is not good for our system, or for our environment.

Over the weekend, I heard an interesting TED talk from Graham Hill, the founder of Life Edited, a blog about living your life without all of the unnecessary stuff. In his talk, Hill mentions that while he knows that eating meat is bad for the environment (because we use a vast amount of resources just to feed and transport animals), and not the best for his health, he just can’t give it up. Instead of simply relegating himself to a carnivorous life, Hill decided to cut back on his meat-eating habits and set out to only eat “things with faces” on the weekend.

Listening to Hill’s speech got me to thinking. While I’ve never had an inclination to be a vegetarian, I have been looking for ways to live healthier and preserve the environment for future generations. Although I may not make the switch being a weekend-only vegetarian, cutting back on meats and having “meatless” meals and days of the week is something I’ll probably do.

But how about you?

Have you considered becoming a vegetarian? Could you be a weekend vegetarian? 

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