Emcee battles are one of the foundations of hip hop. They are often a place for a new emcee to flex his or her skills, or for a vet to reestablish his/her rep. Throughout rap’s nearly 40-year history, some battles have been classic. KRS-One’s BDP vs. M.C. Shan’s Juice Crew, Jay-Z vs. Nas, LLCoolJ vs Canibus, Roxanne Shanté vs. Sparky Dee; these are the fueds hip hop is made of.

But over the years battles have gotten increasingly violent and contentious. Instead of talking about whose rhymes are the dopes and whose gold rope chain is the longest, rappers have devolved into talking about murdering their opposition, which has led to some real world deaths.

Recently, one rap battle turned racial when two emcees squared off to see who was the hottest.

In a battle between Evan Era and Piff, Evan had some very troubling things to say about his competitor.

After saying that Black History Month was “really sort of dumb,”  Evan Era went on say he would make a “coonskin cap” out of Piff and that the rapper should be “picking cotton.” And if that wasn’t enough he went on diatribe about how white people have better lives are are better people than black folks.

(Fast forward to the 20:00 mark)

The crowd, although very verbal in their disdain for Evan’s comments, remained fairly calm (to my surprise) and allowed to two continue their battle.

Piff shot back pulling out pictures of Evan’s baby, claiming it was his; a serious challenge to Evan’s manhood.

Although both sides shook hands and didn’t seem to take things personally, the clip got me to thinking, is there ever anything that should be off limits in rap battles? Or is all fair in war and hip hop?

Speak on it!

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