You may have noticed by now: Some of the comments have been getting a little out of hand here on Clutch. Initially, we envisioned the comments section as a means to build a positive, supportive community and promote intelligent debate – not browbeat, insult and engage in defamatory conduct. Malicious comments, which appear to be on the rise, fail to provoke a meaningful discussion, but rather discourage many readers and writers alike from taking part in the Clutch community. We do our best, but the modest size of our team prevents us from consistently moderating the volume of ongoing discussions Clutch generates on a daily basis. This unfortunate trend has caused us to make some major changes in the commenting system. As part of our anticipated relaunch, all comments and commentors featured on Clutch will be pre-approved. Stay tuned for the detailed list of commentary guidelines and any updates on our new discussion policies.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for supporting Clutch!

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  • Whatever

    These articles below (from “most popular this week”) are not the best and most thought provoking this site and the writers are capable of. Not only are the more instigating than anything else, they are inviting the exact type of comments that you are looking to get rid of. Policing everyone’s comments can’t possibly be the best solution. For the most part the comments on here do open up the floor for more interesting commentary and discussions. These articles however are troll bait. Also, it is usually the same people trolling.

    Black Women Are Sexy, But Are We Beautiful? One Article Explores the Difference

    Kevin Hart Has an “Interesting” Message for Black Women

    When Self-Hate Attacks: Viral Vid ‘Explains’ Why Black Guys Like White Girls

    • iQgraphics


    • Word

    • I agree. And this will stop — soon. On comments – we are not policing comments but commenters. Meaning – you have to be approved to even comment on the site. If you are posting off topic and just trolling or trying to go in on the writer or the site – it’s not happening.

      [email protected]

    • I got sense!

      Tell ’em again. I don’t think they heard you.

    • Thanks – we heard you. But, we are trying to not going to make this a back and forth. We are very tuned in even though we are super small. We are aware of the changes we need to make and we are trying.


    • Whatever

      Ok, got it.

    • Alexandra

      “These articles however are troll bait. Also, it is usually the same people trolling.”

      I’ve noticed the same thing. Certain commentators only respond to articles (Race/Interracial/Black women) where they can add their usual two-cents in.

      I did stop frequenting this site a bit because the discussions get out of hand, but I still come back to show my support. I hope the Clutch staff finds a way to get everything in order & have Clutch Mag return to the great site that it is.

      Good job ladies :)

  • Mya

    This is very welcomed. the rancor in the comments often makes me not want to read content or engage with the community. so thank you for doing this.

    • Beana


    • Dalili


  • El

    It’s like that on many blogs that feature or post anything that may deal with drama and especially entertainment. That’s what brings in the numbers and the advertisers. Kind of like Reality TV.

    @Honestly you stated “but if you continue to pick up stories from Bossip/similar sites…..that’s the audience you will attract….” This is so true.

    Also as a blogger myself for another site i have posted things that people did not agree with. It comes with the job. Whatever changes you make I will continue to follow.