Having experience with some of the top designers in the fashion industry, Kristina Taylor exudes her own vogue brilliance with her clothing and accessories line, Ettiket.

The Detroit native graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Then, she moved to the fashion capital of New York to pursue studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her career began at Ralph Lauren where she worked on the brand’s America Living collection for J.C. Penny’s.

The name of her line is inspired by her upbringing in Catholic schools and the daily practices of etiquette. As a child, she created her own look by repurposing clothes that went against the guidelines of her private school. Kristina’s quirky style has transformed into a chic fashion line.

The ettiket brand represents a play on the original word. The line is opposite of the root of etiquette. It’s non-conformity with a twist. The designer’s initials are K.E.T., Kristina Elaine Taylor and are incorporated into the spelling of the brand.

Her brand is defined by bold prints, sleek designs, tailored fit, vibrant color, and innovative construction. The Ettiket woman is an elegant globetrotter that travels around the world seeking accessories with natural stones and clothing in rich fabrics such as eye catching prints.

While electric elegance is the basis of her collection’s appeal, Kristina wants women to wear her spunky designs to create unique outfits. Kristina Taylor, the creator of Ettiket, designs fun, vibrant separates and accessories made for women who want to make a statement.

Take a look at her designs here: www.ettiket.com

-Paulette Wilson

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