On Sunday, TMZ reported that basketball wife (and I use the term loosely) Royce Reed requested for the gag order that the father of her son, Dwight Howard, placed on her in 2009 be lifted. Reed cites that there are certain issues that she would like to be able to discuss including that Howard’s mental state is sketchy and he has funny substances laying around the house their son shouldn’t see. She could be making this request due to Howard wanting full custody of their son, or could it be that she is trying to spice up her role on “Basketball Wives.”

Reed was a former dancer for the Orlando Magic and now she is pursuing her acting career (she landed a role in the Broadway show Platanos and Collard Greens). She has also talked about creating her own fitness/dance dvd on the show. She has never mentioned anything about Howard nor her son, which is what some people really care about. She is often viewed as the boring cast member on the show which means her recurring role could be in danger. The one way she can ensure her spot is to be able to talk about her relationship with Howard and his parenting habits.

As women, we should never have to depend on a man to validate our success. The fact that Reed apparently needs to be able to bad mouth the father of her child in public in order to stay relevant is sad. The gag order does not apply to the court room. If this was just about making sure she retained custody of her son, she could easily present all of her evidence in court before a judge. If this gag order is lifted she will be able to speak about the basketball player in detail on the show and in interviews.

You should have enough going for yourself that you don’t need to rely on a man or your past life in order to get a pay check. The fact that Reed is one of the less dramatic women on the show is a good thing, in my opinion.


Do you think the judge should lift the gag order?

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