Anytime someone tells me that they want to be famous I always ask them if they are absolutely sure that is what they want out of life. I ask this because fame is not really all that it is cracked up to be. Constantly being put on display for the world can have adverse effects on your life and the person that you are.

Pop singer Katy Perry recently said that she was tired of the fame. Some were shocked by thie statement, but it is more than understandable. When you become famous in essence you are exposing the rest of your life to the public to nit pick at every little thing that you do or say. Privacy becomes a thing of the past and people will focus on your life more than the talent that got you to where you are. It is said that this all comes with the territory of being in the spotlight, and people say they can handle it until they realize that there is no way to shut it off. There are no off days from being famous. Once you are you can expect to be written about, followed and photographed everywhere that you go.

The sad thing is that when you are famous the public will thrive off of your short comings. They look forward to seeing the good girl turn bad and revel in any scandals that pop up about you. You could be the most amazing performer in the world, but if something goes wrong in your personal life that is all people will focus on.

Don’t get me wrong, being famous has its advantages as well. The money, special treatment, traveling the world and being able to live out your dreams are all great, but they come at a price. Some of the most famous and talented people in the world met their end because they couldn’t handle the pressures of being famous. Not knowing who was really your friend and who was just acting because of your status or feeling like you could never do regular things like everyone else because you were constantly stalked by the paparazzi can take its toll on anyone.

It takes a lot of humility and a strong support group of friends and family who don’t care about how famous you are to keep you grounded and sane. The next time you look at a  celebrity and admire the fact that they are a star, ask yourself if you could really handle EVERYTHING that comes along with being famous.

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