On today’s episode of Ellen, Ellen Degeneres and Michelle Obama chat via webcam with a group of teenage girls whose parents are in the military. With prom season right around the corner, Ellen reveals her prom dress from back in the day, which she jokes “was a tablecloth at one point.” The thing really does have enough plaid to give any hipster’s raggedy flannel shirt (or a large sofa from the seventies) a run for its money.

Next, Michelle Obama shows the audience her prom picture, replete with the Huey Newton wicker chair set-up and a nervous-faced date rocking a Lamont Sanford mustache. This photo floated around a few years ago, but seeing it again in the context of her blossoming as a style icon is a bit of a head-scratcher. Not that her swept-back mushroom hairdo and sky-high thigh slit weren’t fly, but even she admits that she hopes Malia does see this photo and get any ideas. Take a look:


Compared to some of the things young ladies are wearing to the prom these days, young Michelle Robinson seems tame by comparison!

What do you think of this FLOTUS throwback?

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