39111Jheri curls are synonymous with the ‘70s but they were also pretty popular into the next decade as well, and if some of us ‘80s babies are being honest, we either just missed the chance to get in on this throwback trend or we were proudly a part of it.

I never had a jheri, juice dripping down my neck, forehead shining curl, but I did try to get one, for one day at least. I had an older cousin with a curl who was always trying hairstyles on me and one day she put some of the activator gel on my ponytail which made it curl up a bit. Somehow I convinced her to let me take the product home with me and that’s when I started experimenting and drenched my hair with so much activator gel, spritz, and who knows what else that it was so hard and flakey no juice could even drip from it.

My older cousin was picking me up to take me over her house that day and I’m not exactly sure where the detour happened, all I know is that by the time she brought me back home in a few hours my hair had been washed, blow-dried, greased, and pressed, and I never tried the at-home jheri curl look again—which is probably a good thing. Since I told you my embarrassing story, you can share yours.

Be honest. Did you ever (try to) wear a Jheri Curl?

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