In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig said they are no longer representing him because they can no longer contact their client.

Zimmerman’s lawyers told reporters: “We have lost contact with him, we are not sure what he’s doing.”

Some interesting tidbits that came out during the press conference:

  • Zimmerman’s lawyers have never met with him. They have only spoken with him via phone.
  • Zimmerman told the special prosecutors that Sonner and Uhrig weren’t his lawyers, but rather legal advisors.
  • Zimmerman called the special prosecutors office against their advice.
  • Zimmerman’s former legal team have not been in contact with him since last week.
  • Uhrig says Zimmerman may be undergoing some type of PTSD.
  • Uhrig claims that Zimmerman is no longer in Florida, but they don’t believe he has left the country.

Zimmerman’s attorneys insisted that they feel he acted in self-defense and that if he contacts them, they will continue to represent him. However, they stepped aside as counsel because they have no contact with him and he is doing things without their knowledge. His attorneys told reporters that Zimmerman spoke with Sean Hannity of Fox News, but Hannity would not tell them what their client said.

During the press conference, Uhrig also indicated that his former client may not be mentally capable of dealing with the stress of the situation and they are “concerned about his safety.”

Their withdrawal from Zimmerman’s defense team come a day after special prosecutor Angela Corey announced that she wouldn’t be taking the case to a grand jury, but rather deciding on her own about bringing charges against Zimmerman.

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