The family of George Zimmerman, the 28-year-old man who killed Trayvon Martin, is fighting back against what they see is a smear campaign.

Members of the Zimmerman family have been making the rounds on TV, telling reporters that Trayvon Martin was brutally beating George, which prompted him to pull his weapon and shoot the unarmed teen. And according to theGrio, the family is gearing up to launch a fundraising website to raise money for Zimmerman’s legal and living expenses.

Despite not being arrested for killing Martin over a month ago, Zimmerman has hired a new lawyer who sticks by his self-defense claims and seems to be preparing for an arrest.

But will it happen?

A grand jury is set to conviene on April 10, but legal experts say the newly appointed special prosecutor Angela Corey is not bound by that date. Corey insists she will take her time and investigate the case fully in order to provide justice for the Martin family.

Earlier this week the FBI was seen going door-to-door interviewing residents of the gated community Martin was killed in, and the family has asked federal officials to also look into the way in which Sanford PD handled the case.

Thousands are expected at marches this weekend, and students from Bethune-Cookman University and Rev. Al Sharpton have vowed to occupy Sanford, FL. over the Easter holiday.

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  • mamareese

    Oh so now someone should pay for him to continue to be a bum? Um no….Trayvon’s family gets funding because they lost a child and a memorial fund should be created in his name. This fool should do like other kills and go with a public defender. And besides ain’t his Daddy got enough pull? Oh wait….he’s guilty so what’s the point…..

  • Rakel

    If Trayvon was beating him he had every right to do so. Zimmerman followed him after he was told not to do it. You can’t claim self defense when you are the pursuer.