From Frugivore — You’ve made some time to get to the gym and get your work out on, but once you get inside your ‘go get ‘em’ attitude turns to one of anxiety, shame or even jealousy once you spot them. The person with the body you wish you had. Just seeing them working out, looking all good and ‘perfect’ makes you want to run and hide.

Sure you don’t think you’re some hideous swamp monster, but you have to admit that you’re a bit envious of this other person’s body and wish you could do more than wish you looked like them.

All of a sudden the wind is knocked out of your workout sail and you feel a bit inadequate working out next to them.

It may not happen often, but surely at some point it has happened to all of us … body envy. That jealous, inadequate feeling when you see some one in the gym (or anywhere) who has the body type you feel like you’re struggling to, or never will, achieve.

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