Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up, and something that helps us put our lives into perspective. While we sometimes get into a funk and think our lives absolutely suck, often times we are merely overreacting and wallowing in our own bad vibes.

Despite things being difficult, it’s important to keep life’s challenges in perspective and realize that you’re probably doing a whole lot better than others.

When I feel like I’m struggling—either financially, emotionally, or professionally—I begin to give thanks for what I do have—good health, supportive friends and family, and enough smarts to get me through.

And when that doesn’t work…I turn to things that make me say, “Damn…I’m glad that wasn’t me.”

Like this:

Thankfully the woman in the video emerged unharmed, but what I found most refreshing were the strangers who immediately rushed to help her. Just goes to show you that good Samaritans do exist.


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