Fredrick Martin Jr. made the ultimate sacrifice. While cleaning his garage with his eight-year-old son and a friend, two men ran into his Inglewood, Calif. garage and began shooting. Instinctively, Martin jumped on top of his son to protect him, and ended up being shot twice.

Martin’s son, Tre, was grazed by a bullet, and Martin was rushed to a hospital, but later died in surgery.

The 28-year-old man was a graduate of Texas Southern University and a newlywed, he and his wife would have celebrated their first anniversary on May 12. According to a donation website set up by the family, he and his wife were also expecting a child.

His family told ABC News that Martin was “the sweetest man you’ll ever find” and loved his son dearly. They are searching for answers to explain why Martin lost his life.

“It’s a family cleaning out a garage. Why? I don’t understand. It’s never happened right here before. Just confused, we’re all confused about it,” said Travis Toca, the victim’s nephew.

Martin’s family insist he wasn’t involved in any illegal activity and don’t know what could have prompted this tragedy.

Lieutenant James Madia of the Inglewood Police told The Huffington Post that Martin was an “upstanding guy, an employed college graduate. We have no idea why this shooting would have happened. We have been presented no evidence that would suggest that this was gang-related.”

At the moment, Inglewood police do not have any leads and are asking those in the community for help.

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