Let’s be honest — when we exercise, our hair doesn’t always look fabulous once we are done sweating it out. There is no need to stop working out because your hair will not look haute afterwards. Ladies, your hair health is just as important as your overall health.

We have a few tips and ideas to help maintain your hair and a consistent exercise program all at the same time.

Tips for Natural Hair
Always pick easy hairstyles. When you are rocking a TWA, you do not have to worry about your hair getting messed up.

If your workout routine is grueling, you don’t want your hair to be another workout before or after you are done exercising. Wash your hair frequently to avoid buildup on your scalp.

Here are a few great styles to try:

Twist Out
The twist out is easy to wash and the more you sweat the fuller your hair will get.

Kinky Twists
After your work out, you should mist your hair with water and wear a scarf. The longer you wear your scarf, the better it will come out.

When you work out with braids, you aren’t sweating out your style. But, you do have to co-wash your hair to manage it through exercising.

Wearing a headband will keep your hair out of your face and limit the amount of sweat that gets to your roots.

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