Peplum is one of the hottest trends for the spring but there’s a myth out there that this style is only for slim and trim figures and we’re happy to let you know that that is completely false. Whether you’re a size 2 or 22, you can make this trend work for your body type, there are just a few things you need to consider to pull it off. Here’s what we recommend:

Start with shapewear

Peplum is amazing for creating an hour-glass figure because the frilly part of the top or dress expands outward right at the top of the hips, making your waist look smaller and your hips wider—remember it’s all about that waist-to-hip ratio. Still, in creating that silhouette, you want the glass to be smooth and flare out only where the shirt does, not because of belly bulges or back fat. A good high-waisted panty or one-piece slimmer can straighten all that out.


If shapewear isn’t enough to give you the ratio you’re looking for, you can always cinch the waist more with a belt. Placing a wide belt over the mid-section not only covers anything you don’t want seen, it also adds more dimension to the dress and while it brings the tummy in, the hips stand out more which is perfect for this look. A skinny belt is also a nice accessory to add if you’re not self-conscious about your middle.

Keep it simple

Peplum is already an exaggerated look so there’s no need to go overboard with wild patterns or bright colors. You certainly can if you want to, but if you’re nervous about pulling this style off keep it simple with monochromatic colors—better yet black—to draw less attention. If you still want to add color, do it with accessories. Also skip the designs with extra-large poofs on the hips and try more structured tops and dresses that flow away at the hip rather than add a huge boxy layer of fabric around that section.

Swap pants for skirts

Some of you might be thinking it’s not your waist you’re worried about, it’s your hips and there’s an answer to still making this fashion look good if you’re already a bit hippy. Try a peplum top with a pair of pants rather than a skirt. The pencil skirt bottoms that typically go with the peplum look tend to fit snug in order to accentuate the overall silhouette, but swapping out a pair of pants with a peplum top gives you a little bit more control over the fit. Instead of leggings or a mini-skirt you could do a straight leg or even wide-leg trouser that won’t fit so tight on the hips and make you feel like they stand out too much. Thigh mini-minimizing shapewear can also ease your fears.

Have you given the peplum trend a try?

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