Had he not passed away in 2005, today would have been R&B legend Luther Vandross’ 61st birthday. While many have been remembering the singer on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, I’ve been trying to distill my favorite ‘Big Luther’ songs down to my favorites.

My first memories of Vandross came from my aunt, who was the ultimate Luther fan and seemed to be playing his tapes every time I saw her. She’d sing along, reminisce about how crazy love can be, and lose herself between the velvet folds of Vandross’ voice. Even at such a young age I knew Luther was special, and while I came of age in the era of hip-hop, Luther and his music kept a special place in my life.

From House is Not a Home and Don’t You Know That, to Never Too Much and Power of Love, Luther’s voice, his catalog of songs, and the legacy he left behind will never be forgotten.

Check out one of my favorite Luther Vandross songs…what tops your “Best of Luther” list? 

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  • dont u know that!

  • The Taker

    Make me a Believer
    Don’t You Know That

  • iQgraphics

    “Get the love
    That you’ve been missing
    Sometimes Loves
    Takes a long time
    Wait for love
    and you’re gonna get your chance to love”

    Wait for love…

  • OSHH

    Make me a believer
    The other side of the world
    Anyone who had a heart
    Forever for always for love


  • JS

    “Never Too Much”. I happened to be at Altanta’s MJQ the day he passed and the dj dropped this song and nearly everyone on the dancefloor had tears of joy in their eyes. I have a soft spot for this song after that night.

    “Glow of Love” (with Change) is my next favorite.

    @Ariana-Nice picks :)