Yesterday, Beyonce was spotted by the photogs,  notebook in hand, heading into New York’s Alternative Education Complex, which offers continuing education courses for adults. Although many speculated if she was finishing up her G.E.D. (she already has a HS diploma), others wondered if this might mean the singer has decided to polish up her resume with a few education courses.

While it’s unknown why she was there–she could have been speaking to students or the staff about her hubby’s Shawn Carter Foundation–the fact that Beyonce may be thinking about continuing her education could potentially be a very big deal.

Like so many others in our country, Bey didn’t go to college. Of course, she opted-out because of her career, but I’m sure some of her fans chose to skip college, or even high school, because they just weren’t motivated.

Keeping young people in school is one of the main focuses of our nation (or should be). Imagine what kind of influence Beyonce could wield over those thinking about dropping out and pursing other things. If she became an advocate for staying in school I’m sure she could change a few minds and perhaps make school actually cool again.

What do you think? 


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