From the moment my sister graduated from sleeping in a crib to sharing a set of bunk beds with me, I’ve wanted my own space. It wasn’t a big deal to share a room with a sibling growing up, but I envied my friends who had their own rooms and didn’t have to worry about little sis walking in on them naked, snoring, or snooping in their things.

That desire carried over into my college years and my choice of dorm, and to my first adult apartment that I shared with two other people. By this time I was at least able to have my own while sharing a kitchen and bathroom, but that’s still not “living alone.” There was no way to avoid sharing space as a student or while living in New York — the former was foridden and the latter was too expensive to consider — so I just made the best of a less-than-ideal-situation. Now, after almost five years living alone, I’m rethinking things.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve had some roommates from hell. One had a body odor problem so tragic that her used washcloths would stink up the entire bathroom after she showered. The dryer lint that this child’s laundry left behind was even funky! I also had a roommate who I’m 90% sure went through my things while I was on vacation, and another who suddenly created a rodent problem in the apartment when previous to her arrival, there had been none. I know that co-habitation can be a nightmare.

But sometimes I wonder if having people around would make me keep my living space cleaner, eat a better diet, socialize more, and have company that living in a one-bedroom doesn’t always encourage — in other words, someone to watch over me “in the meantime” before I get married and/or have children. It might be nice to tell someone about my day, watch a movie with someone, or ask “what was that?” to an actual living breathing person when I hear something go bump in the night. I love leaving my dishes in the sink, walking around half-dressed, and deciding how high to turn up the heat without anyone else’s opinion…but I’m starting to wonder if living alone is all it’s cracked up to be.

What do you think? Speak on it!

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