On last night’s episode of Styled by June, celebrity stylist June Ambrose tackled an issue many women struggle with—how to be sexy without screaming sex. Initially Aubry O’Day was resistant to turn down her playboy image but when all was said and done, June managed to get the former Danity Kane member and celebrity apprentice contestant thinking about style more so than sex—even if she was a little in denial about her much-needed transformation.

If you think you may need to tone down the sex factor in your wardrobe but you aren’t sure, take a look at these tale-tell signs from last night’s show.

You think bras are always optional: There are some outfits that don’t allow even a strapless, backless, seamless, nude bra to fly without going unnoticed, but there’s nothing sexy about being known for always having a nipplegate situation like Aubry is. If you’re one of those women who is blessed to be able to go bra-less most days, consider where you’re going and whether people knowing you don’t have on a bra would be appropriate. At the very least, put some tape or nipple covers on those ta-tas.

You wear shirts as dresses: Leggings have allowed women to get away with a lot when it comes to short dresses and shirts that aren’t even dresses, and in some ways this has been good, but in others it has been very, very bad. A general rule to follow is if you’re wearing a shirt, it should probably have something underneath it other than panties (which are rarely optional as well).

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