Take a look at these two shoes. Which one is Christian Louboutin and which is by Jessica Simpson? Can’t tell? For shoppers, this is a dream come true, but for the high-end red bottom designer, not so much.

In a bold move, Jessica Simpson appears to have completely ripped off Louboutin’s suede Straratata summer sandal, which aside from having a slightly lighter purple hue and the missing red sole, is completely indistinguishable from the top of the line pair in look. The price tag tells the difference, though. For nearly a tenth of the cost of Louboutin’s $995 platform sandal you can purchase Jessica’s Evangel version for $98.

Most critics feel Jessica has built her entire billion-dollar shoe empire on ripping of high-fashion designs and making them affordable for the masses anyway—and we love her for that—but she may have cut things too close with this one. Considering Christian Louboutin’s pending legal fight with Yves Saint Laurant over the use of a simple red sole, we have a feeling she’ll be their next target. If you’re feeling Jessica’s Evangel strappy sandal, you better buy it while you can.

Is Jessica’s shoe too similar to the Louboutin sandal to be a coincidence?

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