020811-Kerry-4001Kerry Washington has become quite the fashion icon since she stepped on the scene. Never has she bombed a red carpet premiere, and if there are two things she’s mastered when it comes to her signature look, it’s the nude trend from head to toe and a perfect red lip. While Kerry knows her style choices don’t fit everyone, she told StyleBistro.com there are three things every woman should have in her closet:

“A good bra, a great pair of jeans—finding a great pair of jeans is like dating—it’s totally individual—there’s no one brand for everybody. And everybody needs a great cashmere sweater. I really love Calvin Klein jeans and for cashmere, Vince,” she said.

Despite what we see in the magazines, Kerry considers herself a jeans and flip-flops girl. When it comes to events, she says the most important factor in her style choices is to be “event appropriate.”

“It’s really important to me to know the difference between when I’m dressing for the Grammy’s and when I’m dressing for the White House. That really informs my style,” she said. “I think I do have my own individual aesthetic but I try to have fun with it within the context of where I’m going and what I’m doing.”

We typically don’t think of celebrities looking to other actresses for style inspiration, but Kerry’s not ashamed to admit who she looks up to. If she could trade closets with anybody she said it would probably be Tracee Ellis Ross, but “she’d have to come with it because she has such amazing fashion wisdom and know-how and I feel I’d need a consultation with her—I wouldn’t want her closet without some guidance.”

Kerry also made it clear in her stint as Style Bistro’s guest editor that it doesn’t take money to be beautiful. “I really do feel like if you’re healthy and feeling good those things translate,” she said. “Even in terms of the way your skin looks, the way your eyes look, the way your hair looks, the way your nails look—so much of that can be dealt with through nutrition and nutritional supplements. So I think having an ongoing, sort of healthy look at what I’m eating and how that’s impacting my physical health has had a huge impact on beauty.”

Are you a fan of Kerry Washington’s style?

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