Comedian Kevin Hart is getting dangerously close to following in the footsteps of fellow funny man Steve Harvey. Yes, Steve’s “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” book got him a movie deal but it didn’t do him any favors with women, and that’s a lesson Kevin Hart needs to learn quick.

Most things the hilarious man says about women are easy to overlook but when he gets serious the typical reaction is, stick to your day job, dude. Today he stopped by the breakfast club to talk about his role in Steve’s movie no less, and when they asked his dating advice for women, he backed up Steve’s tired meme, saying the book was “common sense.” He also added that women absolutely know when a man isn’t good for them and sometimes they allow themselves to date trifling men for various reasons. Then he goes on to say the type of men women attract is a reflection about how they feel about themselves. Considering Kevin is in the middle of a divorce and his wife is paying a portion of his lawyer fees, I wonder how he’s feeling about himself right now.

Just for once, I would like for men to realize that if they’re going to put all the onus on women when a relationship fails, then they need to come up with an explanation for all the “crazy” women they date. Men love to throw that out as the top reason they’re not with a girl but never do they think it’s their fault they got with so-called crazy Tisha in the first place. Women sometimes make poor character judgments in the opposite sex just like men do, why else would there be so many athletes are out here going broke over child support payments? And another thing, if you’re right smack dab in the middle of a divorce, this is probably not an ideal time for you to shell out any type of advice. I appreciate the effort to show women the err of our ways but I think we’re about tapped out on male dating advice. Until they start looking in the mirror and sharing some of that acquired knowledge with their boys, I’m good.

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