Some lessons we have bought by learning the hard way. But that is how they become tried true and solidified. These morsels of game, collections of practical wisdom is the stuff that has fashioned your womanhood and has manifested the beautiful Vixen that is you today. There is a beauty that a mature woman permeates. Knowing how to handle a matter gracefully even when the odds are stacked against you. Knowing how to say NO and meaning it. Knowing that a person or a thing is not good for you and moving forward accordingly. Being able to cook a complete meal and keep a clean house. Flip the page for more lessons in womanhood that we need to have learned by 30.

Forgiveness. Childhood drama, we all had it. Raised in a single parent household, abandoned by a parent. Maybe your ex did you dirty, I mean really dirty. Or maybe you even caused heartbreak in someone else’s life. Learning the lesson of forgiveness is essential. To be able to forgive yourself first and to also forgive others, if only for the sake of not holding onto mess, which has the ability to corrode your spirit if you allow it to pile up. Learning the lesson that holding onto grudges with someone you feel wronged you umpteen years ago is counter-productive, and causes you more harm than your target.

When to call it quits. Ever heard the saying “You’ve got to know when to hold, and when to fold”? When your job is no longer fulfilling and you need to transition. A relationship not serving you well, whether it be with your man or best friend. Some things in life come with expiration dates. It may be a hard decision initially, but know when it’s time to move on, plan your exit strategy, and go!

How to prepare a meal. No one is expecting you to be a top-notch chef and make four course dinners for supper, plus breakfast and lunch with a snack in between every day. But do, know how to maneuver in the kitchen. Have a couple of recipes in your arsenal, that you have patented to perfection with your signature twang on it, for potlucks, parties, for your man, and just to treat yourself.

Saying No. No is a complete sentence that needs no further explanation. You simply can’t be all things to all people. As Vixens we can become stretched too thin with all of our obligations, to family, school, work, church, sorority, man, child and anyone else who once a piece of your time on a particular day. You can’t say yes to everything. Learn to say no and mean it, and not feel bad about it!

Self-Preservation. It is the first law, and a golden rule to learn. Who is more important than you? If you are not well, then your family is not well, and all that around you as not well either. Working on yourself first, loving yourself first, doting on yourself, treating yourself. All of these things are essential to living your best possible life. We show people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.

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