Good news for the Bey stans: Queen Bey has officially joined Tumblr and will be giving fans an inside glimpse of her life.

Although the singer is notoriously tight-lipped about her personal life, it looks like members the BeyHive (her fanboys and girls) will be able to learn more about their idol’s life–well, at least they’ll be able to see more of it–through her soon-to-be-released Tumblr page.

Perhaps Beyonce is taking more than just fashion advice from her little sister Solange, whose blog, MyDamnBlog, is a hit among fans.

According to Matthew Siskin, Bey’s web designer, the Tumblr page will be apart of Beyonce’s new website. So it looks like Bey is gearing up for something big, perhaps it’s that world tour her hubby Jay-Z is (allegedly) negotiating?

Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

Are you excited to see Beyonce’s tumblr? 

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  • kidole

    Go Bey!!

  • Miss J

    GO BEY, can’t wait to see it

  • kim

    people are really ignorant to not know she is holding up 2 baphomet signs, showing her allegiance to the “dark side” AKA satan, look up beyonce illuminati especially on you tube, educate yourself first, you can still be a fan, but atleast you’ll be in the light, you can say i’m stupid, black, and dumb all day long, but in the end my friends you know that’s what you are, and if this is not posted or deleted i will no the site owners are on the “elite’s” payroll

    • apple

      thank you based horus

    • @ Kim.


      *elite’s pay roll*-iDIED!

      I hear you on the Illuminati ish-Bey and team are kray kray!

  • Queen Ki

    Omigosh! REALLY?! Then that gives me hope for her finally TWEETING!

    I love Bey too though. Lol. But my TRUE “Stan Allegience” belongs to MICHAEL JACKSON.

    • apple

      yes honey..
      hail the king !

  • Jesse

    Does she have a professional photographer follow her around all the time, alot of the pictres looked possey, don’t get me wrong they were all beautiful, they just seem staged. Looking at the pics, I think it’s safe to say I Beyonce nose job rumors are true too!