NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is catching heat from men everywhere since he was spotted in a West Hollywood salon earlier this week getting a mani and pedi, but what these men don’t realize is Tim is a lot smarter than they are because he knows women appreciate a well-groomed man.

Any woman can attest to the fact that she doesn’t want a man’s claws scratching her legs at night, and if we have to keep our feet and nails up for the men in our lives, we want them to do the same. There’s nothing worse than a man with dirty fingernails and crusty feet running up on you and since most guys have too much pride to whip out the file and buffer at home, we fully support the Tim Tebow approach to letting someone else take care of it. Most men think it makes them look soft, we think it makes them look sexy. There’s nothing more attractive than a man takes care of his appearance from fingertip to toe.

Tim also gets double points for only spending $23 on his mani/pedi service Tuesday. Thrifty, well- groomed and hot? We love it!

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