Picture-8441Well-groomed men are equally well-appreciated by women but when a man starts getting some of the same procedures us ladies get for the love below, it raises a few hairs elsewhere.

The New York Times recently blew the lid off of a trend that’s on the rise in manscaping—bikini waxing—and according to the retail spa chain, Bliss, it’s not just gay men, metrosexuals, and male models opting to shape things up down there with a little hot wax, it’s men from every walk of life.

These men are pretty bold too. A lot of women are anxious about getting the dreaded Brazilian wax, but men appear to be lining up for their own male versions, like the Ultimate He-Wax, South of the Border, and other fun names that mask the painfulness of the procedure. What’s even more interesting is men aren’t just doing this to make things nice and tidy for the ladies, although pejazzling—placing white crystal designs on newly hairless skin is on the rise—a lot of men think the less hair, the bigger they look. So, essentially this is all about an optical illusion.

Whatever the motivation, just like a facial every now and then or a mani/pedi does a man good, keeping things trimmed below the belt is all part of a healthy grooming routine for a well put together man. Let’s keep the bedazzling to a minimum though, that’s just odd.

Would you want your man to get a bikini wax?

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